The precursor is A&E advertising establishment established in 1989.

Hoang Pham Production Trading and Service Co., Ltd. was changed and completed in May 2016.

Abbreviation name: HOANG PHAM STP Co., ltd

  - Headquarters: 449 Nguyen Trong Tuyen, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Tax code: 0313700584

  - Branch: SAI GON SIGNS

Address: 122 / 11D Thoại Ngọc Hầu, Phú Thọ Hòa, Tân Phú District, Hồ Chí Minh City



Specializes in designing, processing, and installing all kinds of signs, instruction boards inside and outside the hotel, resorts, office buildings, shopping centers. Buying and selling materials, materials for advertising decoration. M&E systems for industrial buildings, office buildings, shopping centers, manufacturing and processing cabinet counters for stores in the commercial center.

+ Carvings on wood, copper, aluminum, corrugated iron, stainless steel.

+ Signs, instructions, room numbers (engraved and embossed) inside the hotel and buildings.

+ LED, NEON light signs.

+ Highly technical.


Since its establishment, the company has constantly improved its technology to bring higher efficiency, better quality of work to meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers, helping to increase its competitive advantage. Regular partners such as Ben Thanh Corporation, Ben Thanh Tourism Corporation, Accor Asia Pacific-Vietnam, Parkson Vietnam, Vingroup Group, ....



- Using quality raw materials

- Skilled labor team, with years of experience.

- Using high-quality surface preservation layer to ensure beautiful and durable color over time.

- Applying scientific and technical advances to the design and construction.


Besides expanding investment in production that meets the requirements and tastes of customers such as:

>> Manufacturing products with diverse designs, competitive prices, stable quality, to meet customer requirements.

>> Organize tours, survey shopping centers, tourist hotels to understand and expand cooperative relationships.

>> Promote the company's image to all provinces and regions across the country.

>> Develop investment policies, develop internal human resources and attract skilled workers from outside.

>> To help our customers - partners to better understand Hoang Pham, we are happy to welcome customers - partners to visit Hoang Pham's offices and factories in Vietnam. We look forward to the opportunity to establish long-term cooperation relationships with our customers.


Pioneering in technology, leading the creative labor trend, Hoang Pham not only creates living space but also helps to feel a better life.


1. / Professional.

+ Having a wealth of professional knowledge, always learning and applying new scientific and technical advances.

+ Maintain stability in work at intensity and ensure the best quality.

+ Thinking positively before difficulties and proposing the best solution.

+ Capture the trust of customers and preserve that trust.

+ Understand the influence of decisions to other activities to make the most optimal plan.


2. / Team spirit.

+ Our success is based on the power and wisdom of the whole team. Working together to achieve the group's common goals.

+ Building a working environment that can promote all abilities and creativity of team members.

+ Each individual knows to be responsible for the success and failure of himself and the group.

+ Encouraging teammates, helping each other in difficulties at work and life.

+ Available to share and impart knowledge and experience.


3. / Passionate, dedicated to the job

+ Passion, determination to pursue the job to the end, trying to overcome all difficulties to bring the best results to customers.


4. / Innovation, innovation

+ Constantly learning and testing new and unique ideas.

+ Always explore and propose new solutions to achieve better results.

+ Pioneer in the research, innovation and application of new technologies.


5. / Desire to lead

+ Always heading to new heights in the career

+ Constantly learning, applying new science and technology in the work, always the first unit that customers think of when needed.